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Start Of A Fine Long Day
Breaking Day
Croyde Glitter - SOLD
Distant Cliffs
Rolling Sea -SOLD
Edge Of The Weir
It's In The Trees
Walk To Solva
Loss Of Innocence
Yearning For The Light
Fragmented Morning - SOLD
Circumstantial Sea
Dusk at Borth Estuary - SOLD
Borth Morning - SOLD
The End Of The Dog Day
Chopped Sea - SOLD
Choppy Sea
Big Wave Coming In - SOLD
After the Storm
Tide Going Out
Hollow - Welshes Meadow
Escaping Light - Welshes Meadow
Cathedral Light - Welshes Meadow
Closing Day - SOLD
Golden Dusk - Newbold Comyn
Rain Coming In
Dark Seas - Caerfai Bay
Foothills - SOLD
Strata Stories - Caerfai Bay
Being Me Is Sennen Cove - SOLD
Still - SOLD
Perserverance Shell Island - SOLD
Wind Sculpted Tree - SOLD
Twisting In The Wind - SOLD
Closing Sky St Davids
Far Side - St Davids
Summit St Davids
Ballooning Evening St Davids
Fox Gloves and Grasses St Davids
Hedgerow St Davids
Freshwater Morning - Dorset
Sennen Cove
Light Almost Gone - SOLD
Morning Settled - SOLD
The Surprise Of Morning - SOLD
Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove
Sennen Cove - SOLD
Sennen Cove - SOLD
Wistful Memory
Bright Tiger
Caerfai Cliff
Lonely Wood
Cliff Top Path
Wind Blown Spiral
Edge of the Copse - SOLD
Black Water - SOLD
 Misted Cove- SOLD
Princethorpe Wood - SOLD
Chisel Sea - SOLD
As It Gets Dark - SOLD
Winding Path - SOLD
Chesil Beach - SOLD
Gorse - SOLD
On The Edge SOLD
Dusk at St Davids - SOLD
Reflective - SOLD
Porth Clais - SOLD
Mouth Of The Camel - SOLD
Newbold Comyn Hedgerow - SOLD
Newbold Comyn Stream
Line Of Hawthornes
White Flowers - SOLD
Later In The Day - SOLD
Hawthorne - SOLD
Forest Morning
Flowers Near The Leam - SOLD
In The Morning - SOLD
Silver Trees
Sparkle On The River Leam - SOLD
Tree Tops - Sold
Black Trees
Low Sun
Newbold Comyn Pool - SOLD
Wind Lashed Grasses - SOLD
Thorn Tree
Moon Light - Sold
Spring Trees
The Race
Sea Through The Hawthorn SOLD
Forest Floor
Oxford Pollard Trees Reflection - SOLD
Oxford Thames Willows - SOLD
Late In The Day - SOLD
Black Oak
Study for Loving Post - SOLD
Loving Post - SOLD
To The Other Side
Porth Clais
At The End Of The Day - SOLD
View to the Other Side
Bishops Castle
The River Leam is Behind Me - SOLD
Forming Wave - SOLD
Spring - SOLD
Summer - SOLD
Autumn - SOLD
Newbold Comyn 4
Forming Ice - SOLD
Goodbye - SOLD
Release - SOLD
French Post
French Tree - SOLD
Crow - SOLD
Coppiced Hazel
Witch Tree
Family Tree - SOLD
Oaks - SOLD
Family Tree - SOLD
Frosted Hill - SOLD
Before The Storm - SOLD
River Leam
The Hedge - SOLD
After The Storm - SOLD
French Run - SOLD
Big Sky
Holkham View
Red Ploughed Hill - SOLD
Glittering Sea - SOLD
Scarecrow - SOLD
Mountain - SOLD
Coming Storm - SOLD
Red Trees
Deserted Dream
Faded Memory

I am increasingly excited by how we have sculpted and have changed landscapes.  The interpretation and the transience of the man-made world is something I am always observing and commenting on through my paintings.